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I belong to many communities through internet, so here are places you can try to find me:

Livejournal: yoshh
Irc-galleria: yoshh
Enfant terrible: yoshh
Deviant art: yoshh
Facebook: Jenni ***********
Blogger: Drink me
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The first act

Well well I'm back in livejournal and in english! His everyone! I really don't have any agenda for this entry (too formal situation, first entry etc.), so lets put it simple: this journal will be about me, Jenni (aka yoshh), 19-year-old finnish freeloader. I will write about my intrests, hobbies, friends and life in general. I hope you enjoy!

My top tree at the moment:
1. Leaving to Tokyo next friday!
2. Starting a new job soon, in Belgium!
3. Lolita fashion, I have been stalking people all over internet
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